Plant medicine research surrounding Syrian Rue has the real potential to improve life for many people living in this age of shared knowledge.  Much of the information and research presented on are accumulated from personal experimentation, however sharing knowledge and directly supplying Syrian Rue, tinctures, extracts, smoking/incense blends to others who contribute experiential feedback quickly builds a knowledge base.

All researchers and test subjects involved with are volunteers therefore the research is currently free from recurring costs and debt common to many pharmacology research projects. Our research costs are very low relative to other similar projects; therefore, your contribution is more effective toward reaching new discovery and sharing the medicine wisely. was founded by Brian Aberle who attained project management and business development skills from Silicon Valley technology ventures.  He obtained an expert overview regarding the application of technology in modern medicine.  After implementing on oncology linear accelerator control system and deploying it globally, Brian provided senior technical leadership interconnecting enterprise wide diverse medical information subsystems into an electronic medical record for Kaiser Permanente.  This was the largest software project in the world at that time.

The divinely aligned, diversely skilled individuals who support  be-cause they individually, independently, and sovereignly possesses a cause that overlaps with the vision, labor, and mission being carried out by  We are co-missioned, co-labor-ating, visionary beings of cause – be-cause being causes.  We have professional and organizational medicinal experience and spiritual insight for safely serving a loving living medicine experience and providing integration counseling in the domain of Ayahuasca, Iboga/Ibogaine, Senoran Desert Toad, Peyote, Jeruma, Bufo Changa, Yopo Snuff, and more.

Conscious co-creative consultation compounds the envisioned social impact of producing physical and psychological healing.  This labor-story was woven in womb, conceived in a G-rated labor-atory, our powerful  .org(-h)as-’em  instinctively entomb their universally divisive ego, see so – inteG-rated oneness with creation is exhumed.  Like G’s-us, be us born again as we etymologize en-theo-gen.

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