Syrian Rue

Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala)


Brand new 2018 finding ’bout syrian rue – AFTER years of working with it.

Genius information that cures stupidness.
Syrian Rue contains an array of alkaloids that have been proven as antibacterial, antiviral, and antiparasitic, as well as antimutagenic and antigenotoxic.  Syrian Rue is proven both by modern medicine and ancient medicine as a miracle healing plant.  Serapio of Rome calls it ‘the ultimate medicine against the evil of poisons’ and Greek Dioscorides says Syrian Rue not only antidotes reptile poisons but all deadly poisons, including poison mushrooms, scorpions, spiders, and mistletoe.
The smoke from Syrian Rue seed skins is an aromatic incense that is smooth and pleasant to inhale producing a subtle calming and sense of well-being after a few breaths.  The inhaled route of administration is best for immediate results and to bypass any incompatible foods in the digestive track.
The effect from eating Syrian Rue lasts much longer than inhaling it and eating it is often ideal or necessary to accomplish some of the manifold services of this medicine, however eating it comes with dietary rules.  I prefer the term guidelines because rules tend to become overly adhered to or enforced.
Syrian Rue is also an anti-depressant.  Medically, it is understood that Syrian Rue is temporarily binding to an enzyme(MAO) that would otherwise be destroying your natural serotonin.  In 1952 it was discovered that C9H13N3O causes inappropriate happiness by rendering that same enzyme permanently disabled.  This fact fore-fathered the anti-depressant term and trend.  Through much anti-depressant pioneering, other substances(MAO Inhibitors,MAOI’s) were soon found that permanently cripple the MAO enzyme – leading to many serious and fatal cases of metabolism failure if that enzyme should be needed.  Syrian Rue relinquishes all enzymes over time and for some poison syrian rue is displaced immediately to destroy the poison.  Irreversible MAOI’s kill the enzyme so that only when your own body synthesizes a new one (synthesis at a rate written at a known location in human DNA) only then can the toxin be metabolized. The newer inventions SSRI’s and SNRI’s are less effective and less dangerous, leaving physicians to prescribe an MAOI only as last resort.
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