Syrian Rue

Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala)


This website is focused primarily on the plant Syrian Rue and the crossroads of medicine and spirit surrounding the plant.  In some Ayahuasca preparations, Syrian Rue replaces Banisteriopsis caapi.  Medicinally the plant is so profound that numerous medicine researchers have proven and explained much about the metabolic effects of Syrian Rue. reveals astounding qualities of this special plant mentioned all through history.

Syrian Rue is well know by the pharmaceutical and medicine research community.  They refer to Syrian Rue by its Latin name, Peganum Harmala.  Syrian Rue is called Esfand in the Islamic Qur’an where Muhammad prescribed both burning the seeds and consuming a drink prepared from them.   Muhammad wrote that no smoke rises to heaven faster than that of Syrian Rue.  Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is within you, so it makes perfect sense.  I have much experience in the sweet smelling smoke and peaceful calming effects produced by inhaling the smoke from burning rue seeds.

Consuming the seeds, by food or smoke, requires adhering to the levitical priestly dietary laws.  Modern medicine calls it the MAOI diet.  The chemistry, metabolism, and science is now understood and explained in

Medicinally, the medicine is known to be an anti-depressant more powerful than either an SSRI or SNRI.   The science of anti-depressants in neurochemistry is also understood and explained in more detail in

Due to the crisis of Alzheimers and other neurodegenerative diseases, the study of neurogenesis is at the cutting edge of medicine research.  There are multiple factors to the conditions that promote neurogenesis and Syrian Rue provides key pieces.  It may be seen as preventative medicine to neurodegeneration or as promoting normal neural growth.   Neurogenesis is the holy grail of medicine.

Syrian Rue is a legal conundrum.  In the United States, where it is specifically unregulated, I have had Syrian Rue confiscated on two occasions.  The US Dept of Agriculture, and North Carolina Sheriffs confiscated the unregulated and uncontrolled plant from me.

I have been working with “Powdered Ayahuasca”.  What i do is put Syrian Rue into a food processor and spin the seeds which shaves some of the skin from the pit of the seed which is inactive. I sift the powder from the seed pit to obtain pure Syrian Rue seed skin. I put the seed skin in gelcaps, eat them 50 minutes before eating the other pill which can be derived from Chacruna, Chaliponga, or Mimosa Hostillis. The Syrian rue powder also smokes better than the seeds because you are not inhaling all the fats and oils from inside the pit of the seed. Smoking the Rue prior to DMT is much nicer than smoking only the DMT. Take 3 breaths of rue immediately before the DMT and there is a beautiful afterglow. Its like putting your parachute on before you get into the cannot.

DMT can be made with safe natural elements such as lime, vinegar, and d-limonene.   D-limonene is found in the peel of citrus fruits such as limes, oranges, mandarins, and grapefruit. The name is derived from the word “Lemon” and its often used as a flavoring in foods.  The Powdered Ayahuasca is equally as natural as the traditional Ayahuasca, it’s easier to mail and carry.  I have served ceremonies with the powdered version to folks with many Ayahuasca experiences and they said it was better, likely because it was a strong dose and often mixed with other medicine plants.

D-limonene is sold as a dietary supplement,  and said to offer health benefits because of its ability to dissolve fats, including cholesterol.  Some people believe that D-limonene can aid in weight loss and treat or prevent certain diseases, including cancer – so it is marketed for those purposes.

“Interesting work you’re into.”Rick Strassman

A nugget of knowledge for anyone who can hear.

If you cannot be silent and listen, then it is impossible for you to hear and that is just where you are in the path of enlightenment that may take many lifetimes to understand. Ancient, pre-flood, stone carvings mention a king who reigned for 20,000 years. This was before the times when man lived to be 1000 years old, therefore the king must have been reborn many times and remained king each time. Maybe true, i dont know for sure. If you can silently think about things, and things that other people say, then it will help you learn.  If you silently think, you will discover many things about the amazing creation that you are. The depths that you can swim, the heights that you can fly, the distance you can run, the days that you can go without food, the experiences that you can see and feel, the amazing medicines in the jungle.  There is so much that you dont know, if you can silently think about it.  Silence is Golden and Duct Tape is Silver.  Additionally, dont tell people what you are going to do.  Show them.  Talking about your plans only invites argument because they dont understand about something or they may disagree, they may even take actions against your idea.  Simply dont talk about it – think more and talk less.

Silence is Golden – Duct Tape is Silver – Super Glue is Bronze

Enjoy the truth.  This website is full of truth.  I recommend to begin reading with the  page, its the best, most accurate and complete explanation of the Ayahuasca diet on the internet.  Somebody please correct me if i am wrong.  Read for yourself, even if you think you know all that there is to know about the Aya diet – let me know if you can think of anything that i did not cover.  The page is also popular – it is the most comprehensive list of all the alkaloids known to man that exist in Peganum Harmala – again correct me if i am wrong.  Finally my studies of the human metabolism have led me to some fascinating discoveries – check out then

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