Syrian Rue

Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala)


This website is focused primarily on the plant Syrian Rue and the crossroads of medicine and spirit surrounding the plant.  In some Ayahuasca preparations, Syrian Rue replaces Banisteriopsis caapi.  Medicinally the plant is so profound that numerous medicine researchers have proven and explained much about the metabolic effects of Syrian Rue. reveals astounding qualities of this special plant mentioned all through history.

Syrian Rue is called esfand in the Islamic Qur’an where Muhammad prescribed both burning the seeds and consuming a drink prepared from them.   I have much experience in the sweet smelling smoke and peaceful calming effects produced by inhaling the smoke from burning rue seeds.

Consuming the seeds, by food or smoke, requires adhering to the levitical priestly dietary laws.  Modern medicine calls it the MAOI diet.  The chemistry, metabolism, and science is now understood and explained in

Medicinally, the medicine is known to be an anti-depressant more powerful than either an SSRI or SNRI.   The science of anti-depressants in neurochemistry is also understood and explained in more detail in

Due to the crisis of Alzheimers and other neurodegenerative diseases, the study of neurogenesis is at the cutting edge of medicine research.  There are multiple factors to the conditions that promote neurogenesis and Syrian Rue provides key pieces.  It may be seen as preventative medicine to neurodegeneration or as promoting normal neural growth.   Neurogenesis is the holy grail of medicine.

Syrian Rue is a legal conundrum.  In the United States, where it is specifically unregulated, I have had Syrian Rue confiscated on two occasions.  The US Dept of Agriculture, and North Carolina Sheriffs confiscated the unregulated and uncontrolled plant from me.



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