For over a decade purchasing Syrian Rue(Peganum Harmala) has been fairly easy from specialty distributors however as the http://SyrianRue.org/Legal page explains in more detail, entering the year 2022, why it is next to impossible to buy this special seed. The USDA enforces it’s own rules and violates the law doing so. Information about where to buy Syrian Rue seed written prior to 2022 is likely out dated as many readers are asking me where they can buy the seed. The USDA is to blame for the complexities in the process of acquiring Syrian Rue, however the following information may help you with your objective.

Fortunately, you don’t necessary need the seed to be able to work with the plant medicine. Extracts from the seeds can be made in various ways. They differ greatly. Avoid tinctures made with alcohol. There are many aspects to the complex combination of diverse alkaloids found in Syrian Rue. http://SyrianRue.org/Smoke lists all the known constituents of the seed. To buy the seed is to buy all of the parts of this medicine. Extracts can be isolated as individual alkaloids(primarily harmine and harmaline) or exist in full spectrum or close to full spectrum. Full spectrum extracts can be made multiple ways. Powder extracts are generally a natural seperation of the seed skin from the pit. Freebase or HCl extracts use polar and nonpolar solvents. The freebase version of the extract, when it is in the presence of hydrochloric acid (which is what HCl stands for) becomes water soluable and becomes the HCl version of the extract. Stomach acid is HCl therefore the freebase is converted naturally into the HCl salt inside your body if you were to eat the freebase extract. The freebase can also be vaporized. For these reasons freebase is generally preferred between freebase and HCl.

Sources for full spectrum powder extracts:

None known. The powder extracts tested did not fluoresce under blacklight as expected. Ideally a powder extract is simply the skin of the seed which smokes well or can be consumed. It should flouresce when in water, not necessarily when its dry.

Sources for seed in the US


Sources for full spectrum freebase




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