I use titanium dual coil atomizers.  Most vape pens do not allow you to leave the power on for ever. I have one that holds 4 AA batteries and one that holde 3.  It can melt the rubber insulator near the threads on the atomizer.  It kicks proper.  I use lithium batteries.  Best pen ive ever had – and ive had a few.  I use PVC pipes to hold the batteries.  I put a blue LED light on it so you cant lose it in the dark.  I might add a beep sound.  I sell them for $100.

I eat rocks.  I eat silver.  I eat quartz and coal.  Google it before you choose to be a judgemental asshole that Jesus hates.  I sell what i eat.  I sell Syrian Rue preparations made using different processes for different purposes.  I buy sassafras root bark.  i also need a few essential oil distillation setups made of glass. I buy all kinds of shamanic medicine plants and rocks that i dont know about.

I also blow glass.  These pipes are the best.  the have a flat bottom so they dont roll around.  They have an air hole pushed inward so it wont spill from the air hole.  They have a mouthpiece also designed to prevent spilling.  I sell them for $20

No Spill Perfection


Brian Aberle
5493 Three Top Rd.
Todd, North Carolina 28684


I accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Bitcoin, and trade.



additional Items I will trade for (used is OK):

Oxygen tanks

Loctite SF 768 cleanup solvent

a metal detector

glass tubes


10 inch wooden pipes



essential oils


home audio subwoofers

silver spoons

solar panels