In Ashe county I was willing to plead guilty to charges that were untrue so that I could be released from jail.  As I explained to the Governors Clemency office while seeking a pardon, i plead guilty under duress.


Skylar Branson is another victim in the difficult to fight war on drugs. Skylar just did a year in jail in Ashe County North Carolina for a bag of Epsom salt foot soak in his gym bag.  Skylar refused to take a plea because he was not guilty.  In Skylars own words….

They dropped the possession of meth when the lab results finally came back and tried to give me time served for the paraphernalia and I wouldn’t take it.. Finally they terminated my parole and I went to court the 5th of this month and before I even went to court they dropped it to and my lawyer finally saw that everything I told her was 100% accurate and true.  She told me I need to get ahold of the ACLU and get a lawyer outside of the count.  Jill Dawkins is my lawyer.


Ok so I denied my plea for probation in district court March the 14th so then they had to put me in superior court where it was a felony and didnt take my first plea. They then said they was gonna wait on the labs to come back before they put me in front of a grand jury for indictment. Well they first said they sent it off April 5th I went to court May 2nd still no lab results or an indictment then I went back July 11th still no labs or indictment and that time s when they said we fucked up we just sent it out yesterday July 10th and we tried to get t dropped then but the da said the arresting officer was on paternal leave (but he had actually quit at that time and went to work for Appalachian university police) and just simply forgot to send it out and got the judge to continue me again my court date was then set for December 5th but on Halloween they called me to court to give me the lab result and drop the possession of meth charge and tried to give me time served for the paraphernalia and I wouldn’t plea guilty even to possession of paraphernalia that they did not have.  My lawyer damn near begged me to take the plea but finally bothered the parole board enough to where they terminated my parole and let me out.
The labs got submitted by johnathan stout of October 8th and got back 22 days later on October 30th and they got me in court on October 31st to drop that charge and I denied my plea all the way back in march and made my lawyer tell the da to have it sent off to the lab because its not meth but instead they drug me because I wouldn’t take there plea they didnt wanna send them labs off they knew what it was as well as I did