New in 2018:

please excuse how raw this page is.  i need a page thats not done cookin yet so if you object to anything here dont worry abou tit for very long.  Clits messy around her n tits filled wit typos up in her here while shes under RestructSomeConstruction.

A few quick finding that i will refine later when i unwind.


I did some tests regarding transdermal activity:

I cleaned very well with a rag full of DMSO.  I felt like i had flames on my body for a bit.  The i took a bath in Syrian Rue tea.  There is little to no transdermal activity – however sprinkling a few seeds in the bath appears intelligent.  They “cling” to you in certain spots and allow you to rub off a little something u didnt know was there.  I dont know if they are “grabbing” at something or “planting” themselves – they dont act like other seeds in the bath.  After the bath just to re-search – i painted myself in clove oil and the “flames” lasted 10 minutes.  I was sore the next day.   IAM clean.  Mr. Clean to you.



Screaming at the top of your lungs for 30 minutes will clear any pipe somke or tar in your lungs or throat – was an awesome find.  Its easier that hacking coughs like im building coffins.  While Yur pockets are empty – find some police and clear your lungs out.  Its far smarter than coughing.

Follow a recipe close to this considering your body weight.:   Eat 2 rue caps then wait 2 hours and eat 1 more  Eat 1 more every hour as long as you feel good still.  Today i got so far that when i would turn my head as i walked around with a weed whacker and earmuffs full of loud music – everytime id spind around – after i stopped everything continued to spin with NO sickness at all.  Dont get too dizy or or your headed for nap time.

When ever you vape – there is a perfect amount of time to hold an imperfect breath.  The goal is to absorb vapor crystals and exhale smoke.

Do NOT french inhale crystals.  It’ll burn a nigger nose off if you do it all day long.

I thought i knew how to smoke a long time ago – i was coffin for silly lack of know.

Its all about WHAT you put in your pipe, NOT what the pipe is unfortunately known as.  They are often sold next to dildos too – ive always hated shopping in the dildo department.  Dont be scared of a “meth pipe” that has DMT in it silly.  There is no such thing as a “meth pipe”, its a piece of glass with a hole you can stick anything in.  Its funny how silly people look at you when you buy one or ask if they sell them there.  You cant waste yur time explaining everything to everybody all the time.  Just quietly be the smart one sometimes.


If you ever put something in your pipe that not HARD or powder – blow the first breath away —- every time you warm it up.

if you ever cap such material – eat ONLY 1 pill cap @ a time and burp in 45 minutes to smell the solvent – then eat 1 more. and play the loop.  This is the proper way to eat mineral spirits if you cant wait for things to dry.  It can take weeks or months to dry some things – so i burp sometimes – when i can wait to see what i cooked up.


Use water as a solvent frequently and laugh at people who got whacked by sales and marketing [aka – money lovers that fuked us all – He w/ the keys wont resurrect these]  who like products that are created without solvents.  I like to laugh at people who purchase rice without gluten also for the same reason.

Here’s some cool tricks:

Keep your mirrors, led lights, n lasers nearby u might want them on a string with your camera when u smoke in your bathtub if u are cool enough 2 think of that.

i spilled my Rue pipe in the bath once -= now i spill seeds there on purpose.

Get and an o2 tank and cheap little torch head the screws on to it with a hose over it that you can suck from silly.  Dont swallow fire at the same time or i would expect a hurtful burp.  Maybe the kids shouldnt do it till the watch some old dude for a bit.

Next trick: Inhale big like you are stretching out your dirty lung lining to let crystals get in quick and slick like they fit.  When you you finally start thinking outside of the box – grab big mouthfulls  of air with your big mouth and “pump” it with your cheeks (not the butt ones) into your lungs.  If you figure it out you can pump yourself up with yourself – i learnt something about diving and what atmospheric pressure was all about a while ago and it was cool to know bro.  Save your empty solvent gallon cans to build clicking barometric pressure sound-off cans while you learn what thats about.

Toast your rue at 150 degrees F.  OR lay it in the sun before you scrape the goods from the pit.  Split the shit because its awesome in yur incense burner w/o pits.  Smoke with pits is the shits once u compare ’em.

While yur splittin shit remember to fractal distill yur Kerosene, Gasoline, Starting Flud – and your water before you start working on anything that you care about that you frequently dissolve different ways.  I find that the out of control drug laws make it too difficult for an independent researcher to obtain access to chem lab supplies – so i fill my closet smarter and fuller – infact synthesis is fun and you never stop learning about earth while you save money on your own time.



theres more – ill jot em here when i think of em.