Governor’s Pardon and 1983 Civil Rights

On May 21 of 2019 – I was released from jail where I had been held for 11 months.  Police confiscated from my home chemicals which were unregulated and legally obtained.  They also confiscated all my essential oil distillation glassware.  I never sold or even allegedly sold any of the medicine research work that i am involved with.  Dozens of legal plants were confiscated from my home, they were the focus of my research work those plants also are not contraband and yet they were confiscated and destroyed.

US Bill of Rights #89 says that search warrants shall specify the property to be seized, however Sheriffs took everything that was not bolted down –  medicines, incenses, and oils that i made myself that were not controlled substances.  This is my livelihood and the tools I use to do my work.  I had published both Research and Diet prior to my arrest for possession of DMT.  The confiscation was everything, every plant and oil and chemical in the home was taken.  Sheriffs cleared my cabinets of everything.

The DEA or Sheriffs department informally ordered the home where I resided to be forbidden to allow occupants until it has been declared contamination free – which it is.  This order was eventually discovered to be illegitimate:

I filed a lawsuit against Ashe County for civil rights violations.


Mine is the first “Manufacturing DMT” charge in this area.  DMT is manufactured by all living things and I was extracting it from wild grass.  I may qualify for a Governors Pardon.

In addition to the scientific aspect of my work that demands protection by law is the religious and spiritual aspect of my work which also demands protection as Freedom of Religion

My laptop has been a central item in this entire case.  The court issued a search warrant for the laptop to find ledgers of controlled substance sales which did not exist.  What was on the laptop was proof of all my chemistry experiments with documented trial of “Oliahuasca” where certain spices and vitamins are used to stage the body for the aromatic essential oils that become phenethlyamines when animated.

On May 19 I asked the US Federal court to issue a subpoena for the laptop however on May 21 the Superior court judge ordered the release of the laptop which ACSO demanded to see in writing before honoring then verbally verifying with the court house.  The DA even said on record “The laptop contained no prosecutorial evidence” – it contains evidence for  my defense which ACSO did not want to be turned over.

ACSO took the truth of a situation which was plant medicine research and painted a scene that was large scale drug trafficking.  They misrepresented the truth.  They destroyed all my tools to make incense the bulk of my valuables in the form of plants and resins or oils from plants.  ACSO caused excessive losses beyond that which they were legally entitled to by taking property unrelated to controlled substances.  They are being asked to offer some compensation and admission of aggressive prosecution tactics.  Failure to honor search and seizure laws was how my case began – they never should have been in my home to begin with – so this entire criminal case was was is legally know as fruit of the poisoned tree.

This was the blog i wrote after the first illegal entry of police in


If Police obeyed “Search and Seizure” laws, I never would have had a criminal case in North Carolina.  I am a victim of police who break laws and it cost me 11 months of my life – From June 2018 until May 2019 i sat in jail because my home contained a small personal use quantity of DMT and i was accused of making it.  If you can break law to enforce law then there is no law.  I am the victim of lawlessness – it took all my property.

I hope you can check out the rest of, which is en large a website about the sacred plant medicine that is Peganum Harmala, commonly called Syrian Rue.  The Research is supportive if magical qualities of healing of which the plant is known of ancient times.  The smoke is divine.  The diet is a science.  It was the research of Syrian Rue that was destroyed by the aggressive prosecution but should have been preserved by the law.  There is no law and therefore there is no justice.  Not within the court system which supports evidence obtained illegally and excessive property confiscation is allowed. will carry on with the research that has been ongoing for years, and documenting the amazing work that might improve the health of society one day – if you can help please contact me or donate to

I have studied Tihkal and Pihkal and am experienced in general A/B extractions of plant alkaloids.  I am experienced in beta carboline extractions as well as tryptamine alkaloid isolations and extractions.  I extract aromatic essential oils that are of the 10 essential phen-ethyl-amines when animated – which can in theory be done in vivo via oilahuasca which stages the body chemistry with conscious enzyme induction and inhibition during metabolization of activating essential oils – this was the focus of my work.  I am seeking sponsorship to continue with research.  Sheriffs officers confiscated all of my uncontrolled plants and supplements that i work with.  Ought they not be responsible for returning my property that was not contraband?  Can they break law to enforce it?

The plea agreement i signed ( under duress – after 11 month in jail) puts me on Unsupervised probation rather than Parole. Unsupervised Probation does not need to report to the probation officer and urine test like supervised probation does.  Mine is ONLY Unsupervised as long as i reside outside North Carolina. They took my property, and made me homeless – what did American forefathers fight for but to be victims in a Drug War.   For myself, as part of the plea agreement,  there is no lingering Parole or probation that i must report to – just a suspended sentence that gets activated at the next accusation of a crime until the time of probation passes. I got kicked out of North Carolina for making a small amount of DMT.