The Holy Grail of medicine (The .PDF)

The Holy Grail of medicine for neurodegenerative disease promotes Neurogeneration, or Neurogenesis, which is the birth and formation of neurons.  We have long known that the body can grow muscle by dividing muscle cells – certain ideal body chemistry promotes muscle cell growth even more.  The same is true of Neurons and modern medicine only recently recognized this as fact.   AChEI’s and MAOI’s are believed to be factors in the multifaceted conditions that promote neurogenesis because serotonin destruction is stopped while MAO is inhibited and memory improved as the acetylcholinesterase is inhibited as explained in a summary of the AChEI concepts that I published here:   http://SyrianRue.org/smart    And here…


Peganum Harmala, or Syrian Rue, is the focus of much attention in modern medicine research.  http://SyrianRue.org/Research.   It is mostly rich in beta carbolines which are MAOI and AChEI medicines and promoters of conditions conductive to neurogenesis.  I have listed the most recent compilation of all known alkaloids in Syrian Rue.  The medical literature has been updated a few times in the past 10 years as modern humanity rediscovers the full chemical signature of Syrian Rue.

The Beta-carboline alkaloids: harmine (telepathine, yageine, banisterine), isoharmine, acetylnorharmine, norharmine (tetrahydro-beta-carboline), harmaline(dihydroharmine,DHH,harmidine), harmalol, harman, harmalacidine(HMC), harmalidine and tetrahydroharmine(THH, leptaflorine), isopeganine, pegamine, dipeginol, dipegene

The Quinazolidine alkaloids: desoxypeganine, deoxyvasicine, vasicine (peganine), vasicinone, vascinol, peganol, peganidine, desoxypeganine, deoxypeganine(oxypeganine), isopeganidine. dipegine (the first dimeric quinazolidine alkaloid), vascinones

The Glucoalkaloids: ruine, dihydroruine
The Anthraquinones: peganone1, peganone2
The Sterols : kryptogenin, lanosterol, b-sitosterol
The Flavonoids: deacetylpeganetin, peganetin, kaempferol, quercetin, acacetin
Also contains: fatty acids, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids, protein, and minerals.

Interestingly, harmaline, harmine, and norharmane are endogenous, they are naturally present in the human body.

In 2017 mankind learns of 10 newly discovered alkaloids in Peganum harmala.

Investigation of the alkaloids from Peganum harmala seeds yielded two pairs of unique racemic pyrroloindole alkaloids, (±)-peganines A-B (1-2); two rare thiazole derivatives, peganumals A-B (3-4); six new ß-carboline alkaloids, pegaharmines F-K (5-10); and 12 known analogues.  Their structures, including stereochemistry, were elucidated through spectroscopic analyses, quantum chemistry calculations, and single-crystal X-ray diffraction.

  1. Nat. Prod., 2017, 80 (2), pp 551–559
    DOI: 10.1021/acs.jnatprod.6b01146  Pub Date: January 27, 2017
    The American Chemical Society and American Society of Pharmacognosy


I published my experimentation notes with Traditional uses of Syrain Rue openly.

(PDF) Proper Peganum Harmala usage for increased serotonergic transmission – researchgate.net

PDF | On Nov 16, 2016, Brian Aberle and others published Proper Peganum Harmala usage for increased serotonergic transmission                              www.researchgate.net

The paper trail of my research details the bulk of my work with unregulated medicines, however I am also headlong into the study of metabolites of DMT.  I expanded my skillset from purely A/B extractions of plant created alkaloids into molecular synthesis when I realized that any carbon ring (which is an aromatic essential oil) is merely an amine(an ammonia) away from being a phenethylamine neurotransmitter – like MDMA or Mescaline.  Indole ring substitutions create neurotransmitters with different frequencies which bind at the same receptor sites producing different results – This is pharmacognosy and organic chemistry.  It fascinates me.

I found the medicine DMT to be profound.  I sought to resound my profound find amid others seeking to experience DMT.  In sharing the experience with others in a 1000 different experiences I have learned much about DMT via personal experience of testimonies which justify that this good work should be continued.  I studied the “Different DMT’s” that are normally present in a DMT experience such as NMT and DMT-N-Oxide and other DMT analog neurotransmitters naturally present from full range plant alkaloid extractions.

Some known neuroactive alkaloids present in full range alkaloid extractions of Anadenanthera colubrina:

N-Methyltryptamine (NMT)
dimethyltryptamine (DMT)
dimethyltryptamine N-Oxide (DMT-N-Oxide)
5-methoxy-methyltryptamine (5-MeO-NMT)
5-methoxy-dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT,methoxybufotenine)
5-hydroxy-dimethyltryptamine (5-HO-DMT,bufotenine)
5-hydroxy-dimethyltryptamine N-Oxide (5-HO-DMT N-Oxide, bufotenine N-Oxide )
The last three are harmala type alkaloids which are present in Anadenanthrea Colubrina – known to inhibit MAO.  The full range of Mimosa Hostillis alkaloid extraction is also known to contain the beta carboline harmala alkaloids and various substitutions on the Carbon ring of the Indole creating the 5MeO and 5HO’s likewise various substitutions in the amine on the Nitrogen many of these substitutions are independently unique neurotransmitters.

The MAOI effect of Syrian Rue raises endogenous DMT levels.  DMT, the mother of many neurotransmitters, also appears to play a role in neurogeneration.  Neurogenesis is neurobirth, already discussed in https://SyrianRue.org/smart.  Decay of intelligence is a disease (not normal aging) because we ought to live a life of more neurogenesis than neurodegeneration.


https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4828992/ Dimethyltryptamine (DMT): a biochemical Swiss Army knife in neuroinflammation and neuroprotection? – PubMed Central (PMC)

The inflammatory theory of many neuropsychiatric illnesses has become an emerging trend in modern medicine. Various immune mechanisms – mainly via the activity of microglia – may contribute to the etiology and symptomatology of diseases, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, or Alzheimer’s disease (Deleidi et al., 2015; Khandaker et al., 2015).

With my steam and fractal distillation setup in my kitchen, authorities were called to investigate for controlled substances.  Pounds of Frankincense, and myrrh and oils like clove, cinnamon, and sassafras were taken from my home to be analyzed by the lab.  All my equipment such as magnet stir, hotplates, and glassware was also taken by the sheriffs.  I was imprisoned for 11 months.  The only controlled substance in my home was DMT, and only less than a gram of that.

I just was released from jail not long ago (May 21, 2019).  My home has a “No occupancy” ban on it still 20 days after my release. The home was declared a Lab to manufacture controlled substances.  There were no controlled substance sales or accusations of sales that ever took place – merely possession of less than 1 gram of DMT amid countless pounds of unregulated extracts, oils, and incenses.  Less than 1 Gram of DMT allows the sheriffs to revoke the properties Certificate of Occupancy.

I am known to travel with Ayahuasca related medicines and was invited down to the Caribbean islands where I previously lived and with good reputation shared the medicines with many people.  The story resumes – my work with in vivo oilahuasca and my in vitro creation of essential oil based phenethylamines continues.  My work with the development of human psyche and best practice full range extraction technique research continues on.  I will quickly acquire medicine research resources such as plant sources and glassware equipment again – this must happen.  I study and experiment with oilahausca which is the practice of consciously inhibiting or induction of specific metabolic enzymes in a process of staging the body for in vivo neurotransmitter activity of essential oils.

I am seeking support to obtain proper permitting and laboratory resources to replace what was lost in the recent police raid on my working environment.  I may qualify for Clemency in some years, but that does not change the now.  The work I am doing is good and should be continued in a legally protected way.  The Governor’s office did acknowledge my requests seeking Clemency for medicine research and Permits to carry DMT for religious use.



As my research resumes – I am seeking sponsorship, grants, or general help due to my noble cause and intent which is ahead of the curve in a culture slowly learning about Ayahuasca and ancient transcendental medicines.  This is where the path of modern medicine cross with front lines research about neurogenesis which is the cure for Alzheimers and other neurodegenerative diseases.

The significance of the research is that DMT is a medicine, a molecule found everywhere in the chemistry of life.  It has provided powerful insights to self and the relation of self to all of creation.  Much of society find the pitfalls of methamphetamine or Heroin or Pain pills, the entheogens, these DMT related medicines, have been known to save some people from destructive addictions.  DMT has been known to help people make positive changes in their life, it has been known to be the source of medical knowledge via contact with entities.  DMT has been used for ages and it is significant today by a society that needs answers and insight.

The soundness of the methodology is proven.  I have cautiously served DMT to people of all ages.  Much experience and concern for safety has pioneered a setting suited for personal growth and getting the most of the DMT experience.  Sound, light, incense all play powerful roles in the spiritual experience that is DMT.  Breathing exercises immediately preceding the experience has shown to improve the medicine.  In the presence of a spirit of love the medicine has been shown to be extremely helpful to many people.  A variable prescription is based on several factors of experience and desires.  Several MAOI’s can be used, and several neurotransmitters can be used.  I wrote a document of dietary guidance in preparation with an Ayahuasca experience.  http://SyrianRue.org/diet

I represent myself as chief researcher, a spiritually insightful and helpful person in service of The Light and Truth.  I am currently seeking for an “Ayahuasca Church” legal status which makes my scientific and spiritual work recognized and protected.  Due to this whole DMT imprisonment event i now have relationships with DrugPolicy.org and other groups on the front lines of psychedelics in society.  I could apply any amount of contribution to this research work. Resources are sought to acquire plant medicines and for group gatherings in ideal locations.  Can you make any suggestions or impart any guidance for my efforts?