This page is in its infancy.  I discovered some interesting techniques for working with DMT and here you will find information you are unlikely to find elsewhere.  The vast majority of info – almost anything you’d need to know is at DMT-Nexus.  I seek not to repeat information that you will see there.  These are my findings.

DMT is unusual about acids that form the salted state of the molecule.  In the salted state, DMT is water soluable.  The most obvious acid used to convert the freebase of any molecule is HCL, or Hydrochloric probably because that is what stomach acid is.  Its Natural to the first step of digestion.  DMT Hydrochloride is seemingly unstable or difficult to form – I suspect that many different acids were tested and most of them form a black tar rather than yellow powder.  Fumaric Acid works well.  When used for injection DMT Fumarate is the only FDA approved water soluble form of DMT.

Each salted state of DMT is quite different in character. Its odor, color, density, the way that it can be vaporized, all that changes with each salted state of DMT.  DMT Hydrochloride, as we all know, is not ideal for much.  HCL is the chemical formula for both hydrogen chloride and hydrochloric acid

DMT Ascorbate tastes and smells like caramel.  Its New school Carmel candy for sure.  It vapes like some MDMA that i have laid breath upon, it leaves behind a black carbon rock as the vapors escape during its heating . This happens in my glass tube anyhow.  Like Sugar was burnt there.  I thought I might be somehow burning excessive Vit C in my deems? i dunno.  I know can make a honey drip anywhere.  Dont believe anything you read until you test it in your own tube.

Therefore Vitamin C in water can be used to precipitate via titration from the non-polar solvent containing freebase tryptamine.  More tests need to be done.