This page is in its infancy.  I discovered some GAME CHANGER techniques for working with DMT and here you will find information you are unlikely to find elsewhere.  The vast majority of info – almost anything you’d need to know is at DMT-Nexus.  I seek not to repeat information that you will see there.  These are my findings.

#1. Forget you ever hear of FASA(Fumaric Acid Saturated Acetone) and  forget what DMT Fumarate is if you know.  Boil 1 gram of Vitamin C ( aka L-ascorbic acid ) in water and add it to your non-polar henceforward called Xylene that is saturated with freebase DMT.  Shake like you intend to create emulsions for 3 minutes – then let it settle for 10 minutes.  All the DMT is in the water layer, very clean, as DMT Ascorbate.  It will be far cleaner than your first pass of DMT Fumarate.  Its fast – dont wait for solvent to get away from your goods – smoke em wet.  DMT Ascorbate is BETTER than DMT Fumarate.  It has a caramel taste.  Most folks vape freebase DMT, however using a good atomizer, you can VAPE DMT Ascorbate cut with water.   You might choose to add 1 drop of clove oil or cannabis terpins to every gram or so.  DMT Ascorbate has a smell and taste that will pleasantly break the preconceived thoughts you might have ’bout the smell of DMT.  A good reason to forget FASA is that it ruins your Xylene or non-polar solvent.  It is possible to wash your Xylene after a FASA titration however then you will lose your Acetone – it’s all a waste of time if you have Vitamin C and Water handy – you can put your acetone away, save your Xylene, make a cleaner product and do it in less time if you can forget you ever heard of DMT Fumerate and FASA – you will forget if you try DMT Ascorbate.

Note: This is really cutting edge – right off the live wire.  I titrated from Naphtha and it seemed a bit better.  Hmmm.  I have not even done a basic titration test of pure solvent – which is a test to ensure that no reaction is occurring that involves the non-polar solvent holding it all..  I SHOULD attempt to use the titrate the L-ascorbic + H20 method on pure solvent – and see i think no precipitates.  Should check.  Why Naphtha better – Who knows many variables, might have been that pile of sticks that made the honey drip.  i will learn more and keep this spot up to the know in this info.

L-ascorbic acid ( C6H8O6 ) a bit resembles sugar ( aka  C6H12O6 )  Curious for sure.  Fumaric Acid (C4H2O4) is more distant from sugar.   When you eat DMSO and enough L-ascorbic acid to shit runny – you kill cancer.  The DMSO makes the cell walls easily transferable and the cancer seems to eat L-ascorbic acid unto death – the gluttonous cell that it is.  The ascorbic does look like sugar – what the pig normally feed on. .  Regardless of all that – Water saturated with L-ascorbic is an excellent precipitation titrate.

Curious continues. Each salted state of DMT is quite different in character. Its odor, color, density, the way that it can be vaporized, all that changes with each salted state of DMT.  DMT Hydrochloride, as we all know, is not ideal for much.  HCL is the chemical formula for both hydrogen chloride and hydrochloric acid – its a far cry from sugar however the HCL salt is most obvious for most alkaloids.  Its a natural choice to use muriatic acid which is diluted HCL when working with all things natural.  You could puke to get a vile of yur own gut juice – you wont run outta sources for HCL.  Thats why its proper for most alkaloids.  Thats what yur own natural gut lab does with it anyhow.  Any freebase molecule you eat becomes the hydrochloride salt in your belly beaker.

DMT Ascorbate tastes and smells like caramel.  Its New school Carmel candy for sure.  It vapes like some MDMA that i have laid breath upon, it leaves behind a black carbon rock as the vapors escape during its heating . This happens in my glass tube anyhow.  Like Sugar was burnt there.  I thought I might be somehow burning excessive Vit C in my deems? i dunno.  I know can make a honey drip anywhere.  Dont believe anything you read until you test it in your own tube.



#2  Depending on where you live – you may have solvent acquisition difficulties.  If you are forced to think outside of the box consider this:  Know Kero bro – shes hot.

Kerosene produces less heat per gallon than #2 diesel.  Kerosene burns much cleaner than #2 diesel with less BTU per gallon.  Kerosene is a lighter diesel oil than D#2, hence why it is designated as #1 diesel. The lighter viscosity weight means dat it contains slightly less energy: 135,000 BTU per gallon vs. D#2 @ 139,000.  Kerosene does not contain high levels of aromatic compounds. Aromatic compounds get concentrated in D#2 and heavier diesel fuels.  Kerosene can be mixed with D#2 for several benefits.  Kerosene burns cleaner due to its refining process.  Kerosene does not gel up when it gets cold.  Kerosene has a flash point of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Kerosene burns hotter than D#2. Kerosene is a hottie 4 sure.  It is produced between 150 – 275 °C while refining crude oil.
Fractal it up yourself and get what u need OR use Kerosene as a whole as your non-polar.  Set your DMT saturated Kerosene in a corner and check it out in a few days to see transparent shards of crystals growing in it.  I looked at those crystals later, i dont know what they are.  I will look at that little pile later.  The remainder is evaporating – this will be interesting.  The solvent turned yellow so the deems r likely there.  Poke around a little bit and see what you find – that how you learn stuff.  Hit me up on the Contact page if you learn something that belongs here – even if your getting close.   I am NOT recommending Kero over other options, simply researching solvent options.


You may want to distill out these components:

N,N-Dimethylformamide  @153 C
N,N-Dimethylacetamide   @164-166 C
1,2-Dichlorobenzene         @179-180 C
Benzonitrile                        @188 C
Methyl sulfoxide                @189 C
2-Ethoxyethyl ether          @180-190 C

1-Octanol                             @196 C

Likewise distill your starting fluid to split Ether from Heptane leaving behind “upper cylinder lubricant”.  Cork one bottle of pure Diethyl-Ether for the solvent shelf and one bottle goes next to the champagne since the metabolism of it is fully understood as harmless.


#3 Be safe.  I have seen so many glass containers break – they often have fuel in them.  Heat glass in glass pans big enough to catch a spill if/when the outer glass cracks. Put big plastic bins under, and around all of that.  When you fractal up Kerosene, Diesel, and Starting Fluid – keep well vented not because you smell a drop of solvent but because you might smell a bunch in an instant….

You always think that setting up all that seatbelt shit z snot neceaasry.

Stay well ventilated – even if its cold – sometimes you might want to lay on the floor with your favorite rag and let that gas pass – rather than running on the super solvent slippery floor with broken glass to deal with the door during the first minute that you consider where every flame might possibly exist while you thank big G God.

Ive done been cookin under pressure before – always in glass. Glass is cool, it’s a LIQUID as we all know so it wont blow. She will blow a plug that you were certain was tight as a bulls ass during fly season. Holy wow – thats a blow. I once saw 1 litre of rapidly boiling DiethylEther uncork it’s tit in my kitchen! NEVER again on my watch. In two blinks of an Eye – I – was inside a Gas Tank. God saved me, because i love to burn MY oil burner that wasnt burning then. It is an all glass oil lamp titted with cotton rope or a cotton ball as a dick that flames up the glass column to the cool brass bowl dats hot ’nuff to tat ya and tits filled with my favorite tree resins, wood, and Syrian Rue. Shes so hot she needs very little charcole to smoke n smolder her. I can just stick a few incense sticks n her n stir to smolder her while her dere drips n i freshen up in da kit kitchen(the kit) dat some cats call a Lab. IMA cat ina kit. Kiddy did it. As the incense smolders, i cook (in da kit o course) n teach her love while i peep on da girl in the tub dat you can see wit all the beveled mirrors that infact refract rainbows dude. Thiz is MY kit, IAM da lab man. Tits a story, a labor in da la-bra-story IAM da author dat rides da flying saucer. WE dont vote – however i love intelligent feedback, thoughts, or ideas. I am exceptionally indifferent to regulations that deexceptionalize my mission since whores refused 2 listen 2meB4 hissin me ya see? I run it safe. I know i need say no mo bro. The sign on the doo(r) says “Dont flame here while this sign hangs here…. Boom Bro.” I detomb ya n take lighters from fighters cuz they fly on auto-pilot n flick da bic too quick. Smoking is allowed in MY kit when I say it. I was the 2nd grade teacher that let you chew gum until i was expelled from element school and kicked into Uni Verse City.

All the aspiring students in University – Think Nigga – dont put every crystal you see in your pipe.  Solvents go solid when other factors change.  Poke at each crystal first – see when it melts – that tells you a lot about it before you pollute your pipe with a diesel fuel or some funky shit that our God given amazing metabolism has magical ways of mechanicing madness of multiple magnitudes into divine order.