DMT on Trial

On May 21 of 2019 – I was released from jail where I had been held for 11 months. 

Authorities confiscated chemicals, solvents, reagents, and glassware from my home which were unregulated and can be obtained on  Dozens of legal plants were also confiscated from my home – those plants are not contraband.  US Bill of Rights #89 says that search warrants shall specify the property to be seized, however authorities took medicines, incenses, and oils that i made myself which were not controlled substances.  They took large bags of frankincense and myrrh that i was working with.  Read about how frankincense and myrrh relate to neuro-chemistry:


I was charged with 6 felonies and my bond was set at $350,000.

The Superior court issued a search warrant for my laptop to find ledgers of controlled substance sales – which did not exist.  What was on the laptop was proof of all my chemistry experiments with documented trials of “Oliahuasca” where certain spices and vitamins are used to stage the body with conscious enzyme induction and conditions for the aromatic essential oils to become neurotransmitters when aminated. (Amination is simply the addition of a Nitrogen/Hydrogen ammonia group to the carbon chain).  Ten essential oils can be aminated when certain conditions exist in the body(in vivo). This creates an amphetamine – such as MDA. 

Authorities regularly condemn properties where clandestine chemistry work is being done.  The presence of the DMT allowed them to forbid occupancy at the property.  The home occupancy restriction was cleared after my correspondence to the FBI, Sheriffs, Health Dept, State and County Fire Marshall’s and County officials.

I represented myself ‘Pro Se’ for much of the 11 months i was incarcerated.  I filed many motions with the court and filed a civil rights violation lawsuit in federal court.  The Sheriffs department administration changed during my incarceration.  The previous Captain Sharon Price was named in the lawsuit for ordering Malicious Prosecution in retaliation for the attention i was bringing to the poor conditions of the jail.

The plea agreement i signed puts me on Unsupervised probation.  Unsupervised Probation does not require reporting to a probation officer and urine testing like supervised probation does.  A very non typical condition of my plea agreement for a Manufacturing Schedule 1 Controlled Substance conviction, my supervision is ONLY Unsupervised as long as i reside outside North Carolina.

I may qualify for a Governors Pardon, so while i was incarcerated i began the clemency application with these hand written letters: