Demolishing Medicine Researcher Property

From: Brian Aberle <>
Sent: Thursday, June 6, 2019 3:40 PM
To: Landon Phillips;;;;;;;; Gudrun Casper;; John Simmons;
Subject: Property Demolishing of Medicine Researcher

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ORDER TO CONDEMN THE PROPERTY?  The order cannot be justified because nothing toxic was ever spilled at the property.
Michael Sheron – NC SBI – Did you order this?
Collin Shuford – NC State Crime Lab – Did you order this?
Andrew Blethen  NC Dept of Health – Did you order this?
Ashe County Sheriffs – Did you order this?
Did a judge order this?

Landon Phillips, the owner of 5493 Three Top Road, has said “until i get a piece of paper from all the authorities NO ONE is going in that house.”  He is under the impression that the property must be demolished due to an occupancy ban that was ordered for the property.  This is the property I was living at and arrested from for being in possession of less than 1 gram of DMT.  Ashe county has gone too far in every aspect of charging this crime and administering justice.  Landon Phillips teaches on the subject of property appraisal law and I am thankful for his knowledge in property law.

The authorities confiscated most of my personal property without cause in June 2018.  1 gram of DMT gave the police enough authority to take everything I own, condemn the property, and imprison me for 11 months.  Authorities have turned North Carolina into North Korea.  I need permission to enter the property – I want a vehicle key, oils and spices left behind after the raid, my shoes, clothes, and some personal property of mine at the house.
Who has the authority to order homes to be demolished due to possession of DMT?  I had a few chemistry supplies available at the corner hardware store and from in my kitchen.  What an unamerican authority would take a mans home and property for possession of 1 gram of DMT?
I NEED AN ANSWER.  The Superior Court ordered that if i reside in North Carolina – i must report to Probation.  Huh?  I want my property before i leave my North Korean experience in Ashe County North Carolina.
Permitting, Funding and Continuing the Work
email CC:
Nicholas V. Cozzi, Ph.D., Pharmacology
Robert Forte, Master of Arts, Religious Studies (AMRS)
Casey Guillot, Ph.D. candidate, Clinical Psychology
Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D., Social/Environmental Psychology
Jon Hanna, Roustabout, Neer-do-well
Ilsa Jerome, Ph.D., Social Psychology
Sameet Kumar, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
Christopher D. Lovett, B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, M.S. Cognitive Science Ph.D. candidate, Cognitive Science
Dan Merkur, Ph.D., Comparative Religionss
Julia Onnie-Hay
Erik M. Peden, Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D.
Michael Allan Ruderman
Kevin Sachs, Ph.D.,
R. Andrew Sewell, M.D.

With my steam and fractal distillation setup in my kitchen, authorities were called to investigate for controlled substances. Pounds of Frankincense, and myrrh and oils like clove, cinnamon, and sassafras were taken from my home to be analyzed by the lab. All my equipment such as magnet stir, hotplates, and glassware was also taken by the sheriffs. I was imprisoned for 11 months. The only controlled substance in my home was DMT, and only less than a gram of that. I just was released from jail not long ago. My home has a “No occupancy” ban on it – because it was declared a Lab to manufacture controlled substances. There were no sales or accusations of sales that ever took place – merely possession of research amounts. I am known to travel with Ayahuasca related medicines and was invited down to the Caribbean islands where i lived previously for 2 years and with good reputation shared the medicines with many people. The story resumes – my work with in vivo and in vitro – both essential oil based phenethlyamines the story continues. My work with the development of human psyche and best practice extraction technique as well as oilahuasca research continues on.  I will quickly acquire medicine research resources such as plant sources and glassware equipment again – this must happen.

I am experienced. I am on several frontiers of shamanic medicine. I own [] My study on Syrian Rue has manifested into publications at  about the use of AChEi medicine for

and on my own website, []    and
Peganum Harmala is known to cure  mutagenesis, repair DNA, and to inhibit MAO and AChEi enzymes – it is a treasure of ancient medicinal value that is extremely relevant to this age.

In preparation for Ayahuasca ceremonies, many people have found this page to be helpful [] As my research resumes – i am seeking sponsorship, grants, or general help due to my noble cause and intent which is ahead of the curve in a culture slowly learning about Ayahuasca and ancient transcendental medicines. Can you recommend a source or path i might follow to put myself inline with those who can help?

See my letters to the NC Governor requesting Clemency and Permits to carry Ayahuasca legally by protection of a Constitutionally recognized Ayahuasca Church.

The significance of the research is that DMT is a medicine, a molecule found everywhere in the chemistry of life. It has provided powerful insights to self and the relation of self to all of creation. Much of society find the pitfalls of methamphetamine or Heroin or Pain pills -however the entheogens, these DMT related medicines, have been known to save some people from destructive addictions. DMT has been know to help people make positive changes in their life, it has been known to be the source of medical knowledge via contact with entities. DMT has been used for ages and it is significant today by a society that needs answers and insight.

The soundness of the methodology is proven. Much experience and concern for safety has pioneered a setting suited for personal growth and getting the most of a DMT experience. Sound, light, incense all play powerful roles in the spiritual experience that is DMT. Breathing exercises immediately preceding the experience has shown to improve the medicine. In the presence of a spirit of love the medicine has been shown to be extremely helpful to many people. A variable prescription is based on several factors of experience and desires. Several MAOI’s can be used, and several neurotransmitters can be used. I represent myself as chief researcher, a spiritually insightful and helpful person in service of The Light and Truth. I am currently seeking for an “Ayahuasca Church” legal status which makes my scientific and spiritual work recognized and protected. Due to this whole DMT imprisonment event i now have relationships with [] and other groups on the front lines of psychedelics in society. I could apply any amount of contribution to this research work. Resources are sought to acquire plant medicines and for group gatherings in ideal locations. Can you make any suggestions or impart any guidance for my efforts?

From: Brian Aberle <>
Sent: Monday, June 3, 2019 8:56 PM
Cc:;;; John Simmons
Subject: Fw: Property Occupancy Ban

Michael Sheron – You called the execution of the search warrant “a fiasco” in an email to Collin Shuford dated June 26, 2018.  “a fiasco” is an understatement.  There had been no investigation, only some hearsay talk about DMT in all living things.  There was no buyer, there were no controlled substances except for the small amount of personal use DMT in my home.  Who’s the criminal – me for a little DMT for ACSO for all the Constitutional and Bill of Rights violations
Andrew Blethen – your name is on the paperwork declaring that the scene was not a methamphetamine lab – can you tell me anything about an occupancy ban on the property on Three Top Rd where the “Fiasco” ensued.
Luke –  The “whole story” would be informing to readers – if you’re a going to publish part of the story let the city know what came of the alleged super lab bust.
The “Beat-Down” that ACSO gave me has lingering repercussions.  I still have not made a phone call from my own phone number yet.  ACSO is holding tablet which i use as a phone as evidence.  I still have not been to the property where I was arrested.  That property was home.  The home owner found the home with hotplates turned on and the door open after the search warrant had been executed.  The home owner has been issued a “No Occupancy” order.  I am trying to leave NC largely due to an order to report to probation only if i reside in NC.  I ought to have the right to my property, however ACSO has confiscated and destroyed all my (legal) extracts and work with Syrian Rue.  I need to get back to the property to get the last of my belongings not destroyed or confiscated.  Glass stills with reflux and condenser columns and steam distillation setups are not anywhere used in the process to extract DMT from plants.  The police took more property that was lawful and right.  They took my aphrodisiacs – i had a collection of plants and extracts that are aphrodisiacs.  I even told the new jail nurse about my aphrodisiacs use when i refused Zoloft-SoSoft pills.   Is this North Carolina or North Korea – am i free or not?  If I made DMT for myself then should my barn and tractor be confiscated?  If the house is honestly not safe for human occupancy then the burden of evidence is on the state otherwise 2 gallons of solvents and household chemicals in small amounts does not legally entitle the police to issue a home occupancy ban.  The law is being perverted.  The law is being misused.  The spirit of the law is being dishonored.
The property owner needs a statement rescinding the occupancy ban.  If ACSO does not issue such a decree then who?
Luke – ACSO has not replied to me – can you get an answer from them?  May i pickup my belongings and finish the work I had agreed to do prior to my arrest – i need to paint and refinish wood in the house.  ACSO may not have any regard for righteously handling affairs, however I care to return the property as I had intended despite the assault from ACSO on my personal affairs and life.

From: Brian Aberle <>
Sent: Sunday, June 2, 2019 9:08 AM
Subject: Property Occupancy Ban

Please help to resolve the Property Ban where I was living.
I had to take a plea agreement for “Mfg Sched 1 controlled substances” – or fight at trial without the evidence of my actual work.  I was not allowed to present the true scene which was in  line with my recent publications at  such as  where i gave the most complete answer to beta carboline solubility here:  (click on expand to see my complete answer).  I work with solvents.  i work.
I was doing legal work with regard to where i published work like
These publications were the results of research work which is allowed by law and should be protected by law.  My home had an assortment of acids and alkaline substances which were all legal to obtain as well as an assortment of solvents of various polarities – these are tools of the trade for extracting any alkaloids from any plants which is not an activity which is contrary to US law.  I make incense which is an activity that is entitled to protection as a US citizen – all of my plant sources and equipment was seized.  Seized is stolen when seized is without cause.  All non-contraband property that was seized out to be returned or reimbursed.  They busted the scene of my home in the name of stopping a meth lab, which it was not, and a gram of DMT also did not indicate any DMT trafficking business.  My work was legal – I had told Timothy that my work was legal – it was, and the proof of that legal work was published in research findings helpful to a research community.  All the “Precursors” were actually not precursors at all.  Every Ace hardware store has “precursors” if thats what we call precursors these days.
I an not guilty as charged – large scale drug trafficking – which all evidence said was not the case.
Why?  Because I told Timothy Moretz that i was not going to quit smoking weed?  I had a Dr.s note and the police came into my home illegally to put me onto probation for weed – ACSO Sheriffs should be on probation for violating US Search laws  I was honest.  I was honest to Timothy Moretz about how Syrian Rue raises your natural DMT levels.   I told him DMT is in everything.  It it legal to have knowledge about DMT?  If my personal use was only that then painting a larger crime is a work of dishonesty and corruption.
ACSO or the DEA has an occupancy ban on the residence that i was renting.  The owner is losing money daily still and in his eyes I am to blame.  ACSO is to blame, there was nothing toxic spilled anywhere on the property.  All of the solvents and reagents which were there were not substances which required special handling permits – it was all easily obtained at  I work with glassware and chemicals which are legal.

There were no toxic spills and easily to neutralize mixtures. I answer advanced chemistry questions is my Ph.D online fourm of researchers. I am an authority in certain areas of chemistry with regard to environmentally correct methods of handling. At your home the only water based “hazard” was a caustic, or basic mixture with Sodium Hydroxide. Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH, can be used as drain opener or to balance swimming pools so that may help to understand its safe handling is you consider both of those accepted used of Sodium Hydroxide, however when concentrated at high levels it must be handled with gloves and even face mask if dust or wind may be a factor. It can be easily neutralized. The BEST solution for neutralization is an answer given by myself at which is the most advanced medicine and chemistry research groups in the world. Read my answer:…/How_can_I_correctly…

I explained the exact chemistry of the best solution. NaOH should be destroyed by reacting it with with Hcl – otherwise knows as Muriatic acid at the local hardware store. HCl, or Hydrochrloric acid was present in the home in lab grade concentrated strength and in watered down hardware store varities. Both substances are corrosive if mishandled or spilled however when combined properly they destroy themselves and create NaCl, or common table salt, plus H20, or water. The combination is frequently practiced to balance swimming pools to neutral conditions. I am competent in balancing my own swimming pool at mt previous home in California and in my chemistry work. Although each substance would burn your tongue off if you was to consume them in concentration, when combined to a PH of 7 they can be consumed as Salt and water.

The house was in a state of flux. I had a desk being built, painting supplies in a large box ready for the work to begin, and i wanted to set a few things in place before painting. i was preparing the house for guests from Hawaii, and from a friend of mine who raised his 2 children in Hawaii that moved to Puerto Rico. His woman partner from the Netherlands were passing through, and he is a very special dear friend of mine whjom i lived with while i was in Puerto Rico. The house would have been in order when my guests arrived. ACSO interrupted a work in progress without an investigation. I spoke with Sheriff Phil Howell yesterday on May 21st. I told him that every item ACSO confiscated was available from and there was nothing that is legally contraband amid the 10 page list of items that ACSO stole from the home. i asked for them back. They have been destroyed by the DEA. i have all the paperwork on that destruction.

I handle solvents properly as well. They must be evaporated and never spilled onto the ground or put into the drain water. They are easy to manage. i have setup a dozen labs, ive never had a fire, a spill, or an injury. i am competent in the work. I am doing advanced medicine research about plants. It is Phytomedicine. Notice my answer to this question:…/In_which_solvents_are… You need to click on my answer to expand it to the complete text. Again I provided the most complete and authoritative answer in regard to Beta Calboline medicines and solvent solubility.


Please tell me how to lift the occupancy ban.  It has been enough punishment for not enough crime.