Brian Aberle

My story with the police and court system starts in California where I was severely beaten during a routine stop as a bicyclist without a headlamp on the bicycle. Antioch California police broke my nose and my pupil was elliptical. When asked if I could be searched, I said no. Therefore I was under arrest. I refused to lay down. It escalated to him making a panic call for more police who came sirens blazing ready to fight. It took 2 years to get that case to jury trial and I made a journal entry for the 40 or so court appearances up to the trial where police testified that I attacked them so I was found guilty of California Penal code 69, violent felony resisting arrest. Riding a bicycle without a headlamp is grounds for a pocket check in California. Refusal of pocket check is grounds for arrest. I also refused a blood test just because I didn’t want police sticking a needle in me. Despite my refusal, the police took my blood by Force. It tested negative for any controlled substances so the only thing Antioch police proved is that they can take your blood, without your permission, and by Force just for curiositys sake. My pockets also passed the pocket check. Read my oldest journal from 2002, Journal 2002-2006 still in HTML format and tied into the blog that was my website. I was beat up for resistance to an unlawful search and arrested then sentenced to probation. Disgusted with the situation and financially crushed by the dot com crash and the courts, I moved with my family to El Salvador, Central America. I drove a 27 foot Winnebago towing a 3/4 ton Suburban, took my time driving my house to El Salvador where we spent the next year. The journals document that time. My children were homeschooling before the trip began, and we had all our curriculum. Those were the last days my children saw me.

With an unknown InterPol warrant for probation violation for failure to report to probation and an expired and unstamped passport, I was arrested in El Salvador after having been there over a year. The US Embassy was quick to issue me a valid passport. California was quick to deny extradition. I was offered a plane ride to jail in California but California was not going to come get me in El Salvador, so besides jail I was allowed to choose deportation to Honduras, who gladly stamped my new passport. The government of El Salvador impounded both my vehicles because my old passport had no entry stamp into their country. It’s documented in the journals. The government flew my wife and children back and our circumstances left little option for communication, I expected to meet my family in Panama in 3 months. My only other choice was incarceration in the United States.

I made my way to Panama. The only way we could be together was in the US because it was not possible for them to meet me anywhere else. I explained my situation to the US Consulate in Panama. I was told that I would be safe to fly back to the US, as there was no more InterPol warrant. I was arrested on the plane in Atlanta then extradited to California and sentenced to a year for not reporting to probation. While incarcerated, my wife and I were BOTH served Federal indictments for 4 tax related felonies facing upto 16 years. She had moved on already, no longer wife, still my codefendant. I moved from State of California to Federal custody expecting an upgrade in incarceration conditions, I was very dissapointed due my my prior felony beating in Antioch California.

I also served 2 years in the Federal system on that case. The IRS indicted me for tax year 1999 in 2006 and because of my prior, California Penal Code 69, Felony Resisting Arrest, I went to a Maximum Security facility, Federal dorm in Alameda county. My wife was my codefendant with the same indicted charges. She divorced any liability to my judgement and thank God, served no time. Click here to read my handwritten constitutional Knowledge on Taxation. A CPA preared my taxes that year and I acted on professional tax advice from several sources including the IRS and other tax professionals. Those letters included in the another set of Journals, were never shown at trial because I signed a slightly inaccurate plea written by the US Attorney in exchange for my incarceration to be complete. The professional advice that I followed legally makes me Not Guilty of Felony Tax Evasion however after losing the jury trial in California signing the inaccurate plea in exchange for ending my incarceration seemed wise. The $40,000 or so once disputed, became a $115,000 plea agreement is now in IRS collections for over $700,000. It’s been in collection since 2007 and prevents me from obtaining a valid US Passport.

This constitutional argument about legal Taxation also relates to the unconstitutional war on drugs, or Prohibition. Click on this link to the real law about any plant or plant extract. Prisoners from this war are political prisoners. They are a natural product of government policy that should tax and regulate rather than prohibit. Warning labels, purity, and knowledge inplace of prohibition will saves lives. In my extensive tour of jails and prisons have seen enough with my own eyes that the growing prison population is of epidemic concern. Legalize all plants. God made plants, their chemistry overlaps with human chemistry.

The IRS website will not allow me to apply for the stimulus check as of October 2020, they still want to collect from 1999. IRS Truth Resurrecting 1999 in 2016. I continued journals about my situation with courts and police in this next download, sort of the next chapter – Journal 2007-2008 Is the continuation of my journaling inconvenient truth to some IRS and Drug Law warriors .

After serving more fed time for failure to report to probation which involved a second extradition from the Atlanta airport via federal custody this time through Oklahoma City and Back to California.

It’s been over 10 years since I’ve had a driver’s license because the IRS/Child Support revoked it and my passport until they receive payment for money that I really don’t owe them. I wrote this poetry while serving Fed time, Federal Poetry.

Because of my technology work, a wealthy person offered to fund a family reunion many years ago. My children’s mother would not allow it at that time. I was heart broken about the destruction of my family and it may have influenced my behavior towards the family wrecking machine that collectively I call The System.

This 3rd set of journals focuses on my next felony case in Georgia for Escape. Two Escapes in Bartow County. Journal 2009-2010, Click here for the 3rd set of journals about the escape cases. All the details of those escape cases with photos of the court and jail shenanigans are in the 3rd set of journal files. Sheriff Clark Millsap wanted to shut me up because of what I know about failures under his administration. After my first escape, I sent him this email, I Escaped. I underestimated the wrath he had for me. He enlisted US Marshalls to track my IP address because I left his jurisdiction in Bartow County. I was documenting failure in drug laws, and Millsap took it as an attack on him personally. The Drug Task Force in Bartow county is not doing what it once was doing, so it’s all sort of irrelevant now. Allegedly, all the drugs were stolen from the Sheriffs evidence locker. Prisoners awaiting trial were graciously encouraged to plea out because the evidence was missing. The few prisoners who knew that the evidence was stolen and demanded a jury trial had their cases dismissed. The DA helped keep the theft from the sheriff’s evidence locker covered up while prosecuting lesser crimes. The theft of the drugs from the sheriff’s evidence locker was an unsolved crime from where I escaped in Bartow county. I was punished for blogging, and Millsap failed to have the Grand Jury indict me for a blog he called terroristic, Fire Blog the Grand Jury called free speech and refused to indict. Millsap tried to bury me in prison, next i beat two more felony charges at jury trial, both were crimes against the jail. The jail was my victim. I represented myself at trial. I published the trial transcripts Bartow Trial. The wicked judge Carey Nelson, who is Millsaps cousin, allowed Millsap to stand next to him, behind the bench during the trial, and sentenced me to the maximum of 6 years for the only 1 charge that the jury found me guilty of, Escape.

After being incarcerated, and with legal representation from the highly recommend Marcia Shein in Georgia, I have been awarded a New Trial due to procedural error in the first. This trial never took place because I already served the incarceration time. My Pro See civil suit, 2011.12.02-Civil Complaint This is poetry and letters that I wrote while incarcerated in Georgia, Georgia Poetry And Bartow Letter

The FBI had done an investigation not long before then and found the Captain of the Drug Task Force, Brenton Garmon, guilty of mishandling guns. He did 18 months soft time for stealing guns from drug dealers and selling them at pawn shops illegally. As I learned in jail from meth cooks, the drugs were also stolen and allegedly resold in Chattanooga. I don’t wish more punishment on anyone. I wish to point out A SOLUTION, and the difficulty in honestly enforcing such policy. Millsap had me put into a gladiator knife fighting arena in Smith State Prison the hottest dorm in the prison, G2. “The Ghetto” is what the warden Stanley Williams called that dorm. He had nicer places on the north side of the prison. Smith State is one of the worst prisons in the country according to a National Geographic story just 2 years earlier. Twenty-one percent of the 33 homicides of Georgia prisoners since 2010 took place at Smith State Prison, located in Glennville, Georgia, according to the Southern Center for Human Rights – the year of that quote is unknown as there have been many more than 33 homicides now since 2010. I wrote this while at Smith State Prison.

Obstruction of Injustice is my 4th Journalism work the story and court documents of my 2014 escape AFTER serving time twice already for Escape. ??? I wrote to the Georgia Parole board in response to the group of people who were seeking me at that time, Georgia Parole Board. My exit from the GA prison system was a mystery. With a dozen disciplinary write ups, I was unexpectedly released early just after being in the hole where I was being punished for sending an email to the commissioner for the department of corrections, which is the wardens supervisor. I was not supposed to have internet access in prison. Prison administration thought that I sent only that 1 email so the commissioner had the CERT team at my cell within an hour to whisk me off to the hole but not before being chained to the shower floor for a few hours first. While in the hole, which is a 100 cell dorm, CERT shookdown only my cell weelky. They would run a phone detector up the crack of my ass each time. The captain came by my cell in the hole and told me that they about need a full time person in administration to handle all of the phone calls about me. They wondered how I keep getting internet access even while in the hole to send the emails that people are calling about. Administration thought that I must keep a phone in my ass. They didn’t know that the exact same email that i sent to the commissioner went to 149 other recipients as well and was being forwarded and reposted online. The email accused the State of GA of trying to kill me by housing me with 80 percent lifers in a violent prison for my only charge of escape. The email listed recent deaths and deadly prison conditions. The scabies outbreak was only treated with hydrocortisone until prisoners mailed skin samples to the CDC Center for Disease Control who diagnosed the scabies and forced prison administration to treat it. All of the phone calls about that email pressured my early release that was resented by administration.

I was threatened upon my release. I was told that I’d be right back. My return to prison would not involve prison diagnostics because I have already been classified, and in Georgia you always return to your previous prison. The wardens right hand man said, see you soon.

Immediately upon my release I was being sought-after by US Marshalls and The Fugitive Recovery squad that took the extreme of going door to door in a Georgia neighborhood with pictures of me asking of my whereabouts. I eventually got tangled up with the City of Smyrna police in Georgia. There was no warrant for my arrest and I was breaking no law. Smyrna had no charge against me, they made the arrest “to aid The US Marshalls”. I made Smyna police run for an hour to catch me. I had eluded the Marshalls several times already. Smyrna police took me to the hospital for all my cuts and scratches, then let me bail out for only a few hundred dollars for a misdemeanor charge of Obstruction of Justice which I was charged with for taking them on the run. What would have been my charge if I had not run? What charge were the US Marshalls going to have? They could shut me up forever.

It ended in an unusual dismissal in the Cobb County Georgia court system, despite my failure to appear in court while out on bond. There was no grounds for arrest and it was dismissed WITHOUT my appearance in court even though I was out on bond, that’s unheard of if you know how criminal court works. Read Obstruction of Injustice. Obstruction of Injustice link contains all the court documents from the case.

I continue to work in software over the years and between court appearances. It’s been taxing on my business for sure. Being arrested and imprisoned so many times for so many years had many consequences. Destroying a business is a misdemeanor, Destroying a family is a Felony. Consider this: If the punishment does not fit the crime, then the punishment is a crime.

In 2014, after the experience of Resume of Brian Aberle, I published technology research in engineering forums at W3C and IETF. XMLFoundation is a working example of what can be a 3 fold performance improvement to the XML 1.0 specification. Many industry experts, authors, and leaders in the technical domain of XML commented on the implementation and performance numbers. It may be the future of XML.

In January 2018, after 30 years of personal research, I published at, and here on my website, Neurodegenerative diseases in 2018. I have been becoming increasingly consumed with the research and expiramentation with 5HT neurochemistry, the study itself is not allowed by penal code, leading to my next criminal case. Thomas Jefferson said, “If a law is unjust, you are obligated to disobey it”. The authors of the Constitution certainly would have encouraged my research, and I know that the research actually is legal by Constitutional law no longer recognized by penal code, in the war on drugs. In the beginning, my research focused on the Lysergamides found in some varieties of Morning Glories. I soon discovered the other special plants and chemistry to extract the alkaloids.

My 4th criminal case is in North Carolina in 2018. I got 3 Felonies for Manufacturing DMT(it’s a plant extraction), and 1 Felony possession of 11 oz of marijuana and 1 Felony possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms. One day this will be like being charged for Possession of Vitamin C and B12, or cancer and Parkinson’s prevention medicine. It’s 2020 at the time of this writing, the prosecution in NC was gracious to free me from the county jail after 1 year and I am currently on probation for the NC case with a 10 year suspended sentence.

So to recap my adult rap sheet:

+1 California Felony PC 69 Resisting

+1 Federal Felony Tax Evasion

+1 Federal Felony False financial docs

+1 Georgia Felony Escape

+1 Georgia Felony Escape again

+1 North Carolina Felony marijuana

+1 North Carolina Felony mushrooms

+3 North Carolina Felonies for DMT

In the past I earned income as an expert software consultant however the banks, hospitals, high tech companies that do background checks skwak at 10 Felonies, they skwaked at 3 Felonies. I have a skill of pattern recognition so I do well with algorithmic design.

The FDA pushed Prozac and banned the natural amino acid Tryptophan which also affects serotonin levels via other mechanisms than Prozac uses. This was a great crime against society. Prozac also has deadly interactions with natural serotonin level enhancers like Ayahuasca, and Syrian Rue. Only pharmaceutical irreversible MAOIs cause death when combined with MDMA. FDA is to blame for all those deaths, not Ayahuasca or MDMA. Piles of prisoners over pills and piss poor policy is a persistent plague. Deaths occur due to politics in medicine and lack of education. Unless you study medicine, you might not notice all the new names that amphetamine analogs get to make an old thing new again or the way analogs of MSG get less offensive names like “Yeast Extract” that even appears in food labeled “All Natural” and preservative free.

Anyone can complain about a problem. I present a solution. Let the pharmacist decide who to serve, not the doctor or the police. Pay tax at the pharmacy to clean up the street. Legalize natural opium and meet all natural Iboga, the 1 dose opiate addiction breaker that won’t leave anyone feigning for pharmaceutical Methadone, Suboxone, or Subutex. Ibogaine is banned by the FDA, who chooses rather to send police after another plant that ruins a pharmaceutical business plan. God made Iboga, not the FDA. Iboga is honestly “All Natural” with no preservatives.

It’s time to quit making more prisoners and release all the political prisoners created by the politics of medicine, plants, and their alkaloids. Oregon took a step in the right direction:

This one large download in the zip folder image at the end of this page contains all the other downloads, the Journals, images, and has some additional work of mine. I do audio dj work for hobby and made a musical remix about my being on the run, locked up, and in court all the time. The newer works have better blending and layering audio technique. The music and video is in the large .zip file download below.

Drop by to give me a word of encouragement. This is my website, to reach me use the contact page. I respond to everyone unless I am incarcerated. As of April 2022,  I am free.


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