Brian Aberle

My story with the felony court system starts in California where I was severely beaten during a routine stop as a bicyclist without a headlamp on the bicycle.  When asked if I could be searched, I said no. Therefore I was under arrest.  It took 2 years to get that case to jury trial and I made a journal entry for the 40 or so court appearances.   This is a War on Drugs and civil liberties case. A bicycle headlamp is grounds for a pocket check in California. You must download this to read my oldest journal from 2002, still in HTML format and tied into the blog that was my website.  Download the entire zip file from here:

I also served 2 years in the Federal system for Tax Evasion. I am innocent despite the federal conviction.  The details of that case dispute certain IRS practice that are unconstitutional. This also is explained in detail in the download.

Next I served time in Georgia for Escape. Sheriff Clark Millsap wanted to shut me up because of what I know about the crimes under his administration.  I was documenting failure in the war on drugs and Millsap took it as an attack on him personally, I never even accused Millsap of anything, maybe he didn’t know what his Drug Task Force was doing. I told him.  I was punished for blogging, and Millsap failed to have the Grand Jury indict me for a blog he called terroristic, the Grand Jury called free speech and refused to indict. Millsap tried to bury me in prison, next i beat two more felony charges at jury trial, both were crimes against the jail.  I published the trial transcripts in the links above and below. The wicked judge Carey Nelson, who is Millsaps cousin, allowed Millsap to stand next to him, behind the bench during the trial, and sentenced me to the maximum for the only charge that the jury found me guilty of, Escape. Every word I have published regarding the Garmon case is true. Feds let Harmon off easy, I was put into a gladiator knife fighting arena in close security level 5, Smith State Prison the hottest dorm in the prison, G2.  One of the worst prisons in the country according to a National Geographic story just 2 years earlier.

My exit from the GA prison system was a mystery.  With a dozen disciplinary write ups, I was unexpectedly released early shortly after being in the hole where I was being punished for sending an email to the commissioner for the department of corrections, which is the wardens boss.  I was not supposed to have internet access in prison. Administration thought that I sent only that 1 email so the commissioner had the CERT team at my cell within an hour.  While in the hole, which is a 100 cell dorm, CERT shookdown only my cell weelky. They would run a phone detector up the crack of my ass each time.  The captain came by my cell in the hole and told me that they about need a full time person in administration to handle all of the phone calls about me.  They wondered how I keep getting internet access to send the emails that people are calling about.  They didn’t know that the exact same email that i sent to the commissioner went to 149 other recipients as well.  The email accused the State of GA of trying to kill me by housing me with 80 percent lifers in a violent prison. The email listed recent deaths and deadly prison conditions.  The scabies outbreak was only treated with hydrocortisone until prisoners mailed skin samples to the CDC Center for Disease Control who diagnosed the scabies and forced prison administration to treat it proper. The email was factual in many other points. All of the phone calls about that email pressured my release that was resented by administration.

I was threatened upon my release. I was told that I’d be right back. My return to prison would not involve prison diagnostics because I have already been classified, and in Georgia you always return to your previous prison. The wardens right hand man said, see you soon.

Immediately upon my release I was being sought-after by US Marshalls and The Fugitive Recovery squad but got tangled up with the City of Smyrna police in Georgia who didn’t have it out for me like the other police agencies. There was no warrant for my arrest and I was breaking no law.  Smyrna had no charge against me, they made the arrest “to aid The US Marshalls”.  I made Smyna police run for an hour to catch me. They took me to the hospital for all my cuts and scratches,then let me bail out for only a few hundred dollars for a misdemeanor charge of Obstruction of Justice which I was charged with for taking them on the run. What would have been my charge if I had not run? What charge were the Feds going to have?

It ended in an unusual dismissal in the court system. There was no grounds for arrest and it was dismissed WITHOUT my appearance in court, read Obstruction of Injustice.  The questions remain.

If you download the entire zip from above, you have all of this and more. To read about my violent run in with California police, you must download the 2002 journal zip file from here.  You must download the 2006 journals to see my case of constitutional law of tax and regulations, the was on drugs is not constitutional. ATF, was the IRS when taxation legally consisted of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

Book and Journals – This folder contains my journals of the Justice system


TheX Files


Fed Poetry




Music and video I created.


The Whole Story with Pictures


I continue to work in software over the years and between court appearances.  It’s been taxing on my business for sure.  Here is my software related work. Being arrested and imprisoned had many consequences. Destroying a business is a misdemeanor, Destroying a family is a Felony. Consider this: If the punishment does not fit the crime, then the punishment is a crime.



All of the information above relates to my first 3 felony cases in California, Federal, and Georgia. I have another case in North Carolina in 2018 for felony possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms, manufacturing DMT, and possession of more than 1 oz of marijuana. May posterity look back on the insanity of the witch trials just the same as my possession charge in NC. Is this Nixon’s fault?  One day this will be like being changed for Possession of Vitamin C and B12, or cancer and Parkinson’s prevention medicine. It’s 2020 at the time of this writing, and I am currently on probation for the NC case with a 10 year suspended sentence.  That case is not over yet until probation is complete, anyone on probation has no rights against search and seizure, leading to the 80% fail rate for probationers.

The police are not the same from city to city and prison to prison. Each area has its own policy and traditional way of dealing with things. In California feel the cops knee on your neck if you stand in an area labeled sitting area. They broke my nose and the pupil of my eye was elliptical and nearly swollen shut.

Do to others as you want others to do to you, above this there is no law. Beware of people who listened to Thomas Jefferson say, “If a law is unjust, you are obligated to disobey it”.